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Online Student from Australia: 'thanks Avril, this has given me a better understanding of ang... more
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Lightworkers from 52 countries around the planet choose to download consciousness here!

Why? This web site shares all the content channelled by world renowned author, teacher of teachers and Light Being, Avril Norman.

If you're ready to reach new levels of conscious existance, you've come to the right place.

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Online Student from Australia: 'I once again really enjoyed doing both exercises. I am finding all of the tools I am learning throughout this course very interesting and stimulating. I can't wait to put them into practice with my clients.'
... read more comments on 'Reiki 3 Masters Advanced Training'

Client from Australia: 'My journey has been propelled forward and thank you so much for the tools to keep me grounded and in the here and now.'
... read more comments on 'Psychic Protection for Tele-Empaths'

Student from Australia: 'After being so surprised at how bad I was feeling at the end of module 1, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it cleared away about half way through the second module and that I actually felt terrific. I guess it might take longer to clear after being on this plan... read more comments on 'Psychic Protection for Tele-Empaths'

Client from Australia: 'My journey has been propelled forward and thank you so much for the tools to keep me grounded and in the here and now.'
... read more comments on 'Psychic Protection for Tele-Empaths'

Online Student from Australia said: Thank you for the amazing Soul Report for 2013. Each month I felt guided and looked after as I knew I had a personal message from Spirit waiting for me. It was amazing to see my year unfold and to see how my guides planted seeds in January that took hold la... read more comments on '2014 Personal Consciousness Report'

Online Student from India: 'Greetings Avril. I just wanted to say how much I am enjoying the class. It has opened my vision to so many new possibilities. I am very grateful to have found you.'
... read more comments on 'Clairvoyance Development'

Online Student from New Zealand said: it seems Spirit meet us where we are at. this 'portal' is like a direct translation of this place. it is helping me immensley :) ... read more comments on 'The New Portal'

Online Student from South Africa: 'Avril I have learnt so much about myself. I feel my awareness growing. I don't feel weak anymore. This class has shifted me into top gear. I now feel ready to take on the world. Words cannot express my deepest gratitude.'
... read more comments on 'Healing the Shadow Self'

Online Student from Australia said: Much healing has occurred. ... read more comments on 'Lightworker Illumination Program - Series 2'

Online Student from Australia: 'I have been lent your wonderful books Pure Spirit 1 and 2 and am about to purchase 3. I have literally devoured them these past two weeks. I am reading and rereading them and this, coupled with the grounding, chakra and Auric Supercharging meditations have cont... read more comments on '1. An Owners Manual for the Soul - Pure Spirit Volume 1'

Online Student from Australia said: Dear Avril, After doing this course I trotted off to Uni and studied counselling achieving my Bachelor of Applied Social Science Counselling... Infinite love and gratitude.... read more comments on 'Spiritual Cleansing Introduction'

Online Student from Australia: 'I love channelling I felt so good afterwards, I'm getting more comfortable telling the difference between the information from my head and the information from spirit and this task was very clear I really enjoyed it!'
... read more comments on 'Channelling Mastery'

Student from Australia: 'i am really so very thankful for these exercises and enjoying this journey so much, i can actually feel myself progressing through the weeks. many thanks'
... read more comments on 'Healing the Shadow Self'

Online Student from Australia: I'm feeling more positive than I have in months. I enjoyed the movie and am watching it again. It felt like a new take which I'm excited about. ... read more comments on 'Lightworker Illumination Program - Series 2'

Online Student from Australia: 'Thanks Avril. I really gained a lot out of these modules and look forward to learning more in the Mastering modules I have applied for.'... read more comments on 'Psychic Protection for Tele-Empaths'

Online Student from Australia said: My heart is open and free and all the pain is gone now. The meditation took me to a place I have never been before.... more

Level: 1:

Beginner - This level is for people who are just beginning their journey and want to start learning from the beginning. Relax and enjoy as you begin your adventures.
1. An Owners Manual for the Soul - Pure Spirit Volume 1
In the Spirit of Success
Angel Adventures
Relax, Remember, Renew and Revive
Relaxation and Healing Meditation
Tree Roots Grounding Meditation
Meditation An Introduction
Psychic Abilities - Do You Have Any?


Level: 2:

Beginner to Intermediate - This level is for people who may have done some meditation before or perhaps who have read a small amount on the subject. Continue with your sacred explorations.
2. The Four Counterparts of the Soul - Pure Spirit Volume 2
Chakra Clearing and Healing
Animal Totems, Meet Yours!
Abundance Alchemy
Chakras An Introduction
Clear Your Energy and Shine
Intuition and Clairsentience Development
Parenting Children of Light


Level: 3:

Intermediate - This level is for people who have meditated or had some kind of spiritual awareness for a while. You may already be aware of your Spiritual Guides, but do not have full clarity yourself yet.
Manifest Your Soul Mate
Psychic Protection for Tele-Empaths
3. Natural Healing Desk Reference - Pure Spirit Volume 3
Explore Your Health Issues
Psychic Protection & Energy
Angelic Adventures
Colour and Light Healing
Spiritual Cleansing Introduction
Spiritual Guides An Introduction


Level: 4:

Intermediate to Advanced - This level is for those who already have connection with their Spiritual Guides and can connect with them clearly, most of the time.
Auric Supercharging
Get to Know Your Spirit Guides
Clairvoyance Development
Discover the Medicine Wheel, Your Medicine Animal and Animal Totems
Love - Cultivating Conscious Relationships


Level: 5:

Advanced - This level is for those who already consider themselves psychic and mediumistic, perhaps even those who are considering a professional career of service.
Reiki 3 Masters Advanced Training
Channelling Mastery
Clairaudience Development
Womans Business
Chakra Blowing Aura Explorer


Level: 6:

Advanced to Teacher Level - This level is for those beings already being of service to the planet and Her people, who are ready to step up to the next level and begin their process of learning to teach.
Explore The Shadow Self
Spiritual Counselling Introduction


Level: 7:

Teachers Level - This level will suit those who are already established spiritual teachers and are looking to further their understanding.
Reiki 4 Teacher Level Part A
Healing the Shadow Self
Trance Mediumship
A Lightworkers Self Healing


Level: 8:

Seriously Mind Bending - This level is for those who are already psychic, mediumistic, are living their path of service and want to push their understanding into a more multi-dimensional framework to take the next level of reality perception.
Ascension Classes
Become a Professional Psychic Reader
Tele-Empaths Master Your Gifts
Ecstatic Shamanism
The New Portal


Level: 9:

Out There Big Time - This level is for those who are ready to think beyond the norm. If you are embodying your I AM Presence and are ready to anchor cellular changes into your conscious awareness in this reality, explore these shakers of perception.
Teaching Development Classes Advanced Training
Learn About Light Beings
Bone Seed Energetic DNA Healing
Lightworker Illumination Program - Series 2
Lightwork Business Mastery




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New Lightworker Training & Development Tools

Are you ready to enjoy a conscious and loving relationship with your partner? Would you like to share the most sacred relationship you can have? This sacred course will help all seekers of real love, flourish in their relationship. As a prelude to a part 2, sacred sex course, this sacred training will help you reform your relationship into the nourish example of unconditional and Divine love, it was supposed to be. Spaces are very limited read more and book in now

For 10 lucky Lightworkers, Avril will be focusing on their purpose and business to see them succeed. An opportunity never before offered and one not to be missed! more...

Avril was invited to share a story in a collaborative book with other world famous authors like Deepak Chopra, Mark Victor Hansen, Jerry & Esther Hicks, Neale Donald Walsch, Wayne Dyer and many others. Sharing their personal stories of success, you'll be inspired by the many paths today's world spiritual leaders have taken, up the mountain of enlightenment. Find out more here.

Lightworker Illumination Series 2, 26 week program is now well underway. If you missed the beginning of this sacred program, did you know you can still enjoy it at your own pace? If you're a Lightworker who is making a splash in the world, this program is a must. Find out more here.

Do you want to accelerate your spiritual development? Are you already a psychic and a medium or spiritual teacher, looking to further your natural abilities? Over the next few months, Avril will be packaging up the Ecstatic Shamanism program that ran in 2012-2013 into a bunch of - enjoy at home - downloads. This special advanced program contains some of the most advanced technology and latest teachings for harnessing all of your spiritual abilities and potential. Read more...

The Portal
The Portal is now off and running. With this sacred new offering, you get a channelled Guided Meditation monthly and an energy update bi-monthly. Designed to help Lightworkers manage and thrive in the constant energy changes on the planet, The Portal is a must for all conscious Lightworkers

Client from Australia: 'Thank you for sharing this course it has been a delight '
... more








Students Worldwide Enjoy Downloading Consciousness Here. Online Student from Australia: 'Before I started doing the course I would get frustrated by not knowing how to interpret some of the energies I was receiving.... With the meditation I was actually able to clearly connect with my guide for the first time which has been phenomenal and a wonderf... read more comments on 'Channelling Mastery'

Online Student from USA said: the LI2 info is really resonating with me! I'm finding myself really diving in as soon as Avril releases the material. :)... read more comments on 'Lightworker Illumination Program - Series 2'

Online Student from Australia said: I LOVED this bit. ... read more comments on 'Lightworker Illumination Program - Series 2'

Free Joyous Ideas...
Do you need help living consciously? Here are some wonderful ideas and resources, offered by Avril 100% free. Just click on the numbers lining the top right of this page...

Online Student from Australia: WOW one of the most powerful meditations I have ever done! ... more

A Worldwide Phenomina

You join Lightworkers from 52 different countries around the world, now enjoying Avril's channel, technology and wisdom. Thank you for healing yourself, to help heal the world...

Avril's Sacred Lightworker Sanctuary, is a haven for spiritual teachers to recharge and renew. Read more...

Online Student from Australia: Awesome experience.... more

A Taste of 'Clear Your Energy and Shine'...

Your energy system is a tangible thing. Although you may never have been taught about it before, every single living human being has a Chakra System. This Chakra system regulates your Soul and allows your entire being to function. This and your Central Channel are what keeps your Soul in your physical body and gives your body animation.The Chakra system acts not only ... more:

A Taste of 'Womans Business'... In times past, many woman where in touch with their power. They lived as Priestesses, Healers and Wise Woman, helping their tribe to be well, healthy and abundant. Their needs were met and they were well taken care of, honoured for the sacred beings of creation they were. Their expertise was respected. They were revered as valuable members society.

The time I speak of was thousands of year... more:

Student from Australia: 'thanks Avril, loved this course.'
... more

In my adventures to discover special days in the world, I discovered that...

February 17 - World Interfaith Harmony Week
World peace begins by respecting each others ideas. The best way we can do this is to see that each difference of opinion, is the chance to learn something new. There are great blessings and insights in all beliefs. Why not help seed world peace during World Interfaith Harmony Week, by asking someone with different faith and ideas, how they see the world?

March 8 International Women's Day
Girls, it's time to be celebrated! If this is not the theme for the next decade (not just this day), then elders all over the planet have got it very wrong (which I can't see happening!). The Divine Feminine exists in each sacred woman on this planet. Spend this day seeing yourself as Divine. Honour the Divine living within you. If you're not a woman, then spend time honouring the sacred women in your life. The feminine energy is more important at this time, than any other time in history. Collectively we're birthing this new world, so celebrate our potential as women to do just that on this sacred day.

March 14 International Day of Action for Rivers
If some of the scientific experiments are correct, then water can 'hear' our intentions towards it. It's actual structure changes, when positive loving thoughts are directed towards it. If you're looking to create more peace in the world and water can hear you and the majority of the world has its water supply from rivers and the water from the rivers will be going into every human body on the planet, then think of the change you can make to this world, by giving the waters some positive energy. On this day say thank you to the water. Bless it with your love and gratitude. You may just change the world more than you realise.

March 20 - International Day of Happiness
What is the secret to happiness? Choice and presence. Today choose to be present with every opportunity to feel happy. Breathing fresh air can cause happiness. Eating can cause happiness. Having a healthy functioning body can cause happiness. Having whatever do you in your life can cause you happiness. All you need to do is be present with what you have and make the choice to feel happy about it. On this day, let's collectively seed this world with so much happiness, it is contagious!

Online Student from Australia: 'This is a great beginners guide to developing your intuition and clairsentience abilities. I really liked the way Avril explained things and made reference to everyday objects (e.g. TV channel) which seems to make learning easier and simpler. The inclusion of s... more

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Online Student from Thailand: 'Goodbye fear. Hello love, joy, bliss and happiness! This onlin... more